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Servo Data Base

Check this Servo data base for any info that you may need to check the servo you have, or to see what could be suitable for your current prowect, or to compare what servos you have to use the best for the task.

The Hobby Specialists

THS are proud to import and distribute E-DOMODEL and VQ Models. From the smallest electric park flyer, to the biggest TOC-type gasser, we can supply you with a high quality model which is a delight to both build and fly, and one that you’ll be proud to own! 

Master Instruments

Master Instruments is a key manufacturer, assembler & distributer of portable batteries, battery packs and test equipment. They stock the widest range of portable batteries and equipment in Australia.

Ace Hobby

Ace Hobby carry one of the largest ranges of R/C model products in Australia with many exclusive agencies. We are importers, exporters & wholesalers of many of the worlds best Model products.

Dynamic Hobby

The Hobby Headquarters Pty Ltd

THE HOBBY HEADQUARTERS tocks a huge variety of products ranging from radio controlled aircraft, cars, boats, helicopters and classic static scale model ships. they have built a reputation on carrying the best brands with unsurpassed after sales service.

E-GO Models

Our range of products is growing and we remain committed to providing the highest quality and best performing models at low cost. The airplane range starts with the beginner's Cessna 182 model which will provide plenty of fun and excitement for new and experienced flyers alike, with the potential to upgrade to aileron wing, and moves through scale propeller driven warplanes, acrobatic aircraft and Electric Ducted Fan jets. We also have a range of helicopters starting with counter rotating for indoor and outdoor action through to fully 3D capable high performance helicopters. There is no doubt something in our range that you will have a great time flying!

Eelectus Distribution

We offer a stable supply of a wide range of electronic components and equipment as well as electronic gifts and gadgets. We are a major supplier of quality products to commercial customers in the telecommunications, education, manufacturing, R & D and retail industries. Electus is dedicated to supplying high quality electronic components and equipment. We carry over 6,500 items off-the-shelf..

EMS Jomar

Specialist Electronic producte for the R/C hobby.

Eagle Tree Systems

The Eagle Tree systems and monitors can monitor engine RPM, battery pack volts, receiver volts, altitude, speed and muffler temperature on your aircraft, car or boat.

Keleo Exhaust Systems

Keleo Creations specializes in the design and construction of muffler and exhaust systems. We meet the needs of the most demanding RC pilot by creating quality exhaust products