Pylon Bits.


If you are interested in Pylon racing then some of these parts may be off interest to you. So for any enquiries please email them to me at Rory's RC Hobby House

If you are going to be running the Nelson, Dub Jett or DKT engines in Q500 (in QLD) on FAI fuel then you might want to try some of these props.


8.75 x 7 & 8.75 x 7NN

8.75 x 7.25 & 8.75 x 7.25NN


8.75 x 7.5 & 8.75 x 7.5NN



8.75 x 7.75 & 8.75 x 7.75NN



8.75 x 8.00 & 8.75 x 8.00NN



8.75 x 8.25 & 8.75 x 8.25NN



Alloy UC to suit the Q40 Pylon racers such as the BdC Polecat, Sump'n Else or the Swee'pea




Alloy UC to suit the Q500 Pylon racers such as the GP Viper.





Race Glow Griver

Electronic Glow Plug Ignitor w/3S LiPo.

Finally a new glo driver with automatic plug sensing, capable of delivering up to 10 Amps, so no need to adjust from an .049 to a Turbo plug to a heavy Glo-bee.

Automatic short circuit protection, short the leads and the unit cuts power !

Has a large Amp meter to see in all light conditions for quick reference while starting.

Auto senses a flooded engine and increases power to the plug.

Has a heavy duty switch with LED lighted tip to see when its on.

Runs on a 3S 1000mA Lipo (supplied) with large digital display to check battery condition.




Now available

This balancer has been designed with the Pylon racer in mind. It is made of 10 x 50mm aluminium and is quite rigid and sturdy. The magnets are made from Neodymium Iron Boron (or NdFeb) and are the most advanced magnet with superior performance. The prop spindle has now been updated to balance the normal sports and carbon racing props, as well as the Moulded Hub props. Big Bruce Racing

Now available in Red, Blue or Gold

The complete unit is available for


Do your engine a favour, and give it a balanced Propellor for a great start.